Flea Control

Flea Control Service

Have you been seeking flea control methods in Surrey or elsewhere in B.C.? Perhaps your skin is showing evidence of flea bites, such as red spots or marks? Our flea control services may be the solution you’ve been missing to rid yourself and your pets from those itchy bites.
PestZap’s services offer full professional support against fleas from their early larvae and egg stages when they are invisible to the naked eye up to their mature stage when they start seeking hosts to feed on.
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Why seek professional flea control services?

Flea larva and eggs tend to hide in dark places where it is difficult to notice them. Once matured, these fleas will terrorize any office or household in search for hosts, making your living space pretty much inhabitable. Possible hosts are humans and pets that produce body heat, for a warmer environment that fleas just love.

Without professional expertise, flea development can go unnoticed and have serious health consequences on humans and animals. Fleas stick to human skin where they cause surface skin damage especially on young children, exposing them to external bacteria invasions. They are also attracted to the heat on your pet’s fur, meaning they can terrorize your dog, cat, or bird, sometimes to death (yikes!) PestZap’s flea control services provide methods of tracing and trapping fleas to protect humans and pets against these nasty vermin.

Besides the itchy and reddened spots on the skin from flea bites, there’s also the risk of potential serious bacterial infection to consider, leading to dangerous diseases. PestZap can provide effective and thorough flea control services to protect your household across all of B.C. Nobody wants to spend their summer itchy with flea bites!
PestZap provides clean extermination methods to kill fleas without causing harm to humans or the natural ecosystem and is your best solution to eradicating flea invasions wherever you may be!